Benefits information for Amerigroup/Van Lang IPA members

March 26, 2018 Site Administrator Payer Benefits

  • Transportation
  • Hearing aids
  • Dentistry
  • Gym & Fitness Program

1. Transportation benefits

Reservations line: Members should call this number to schedule their trips, at least 48 hours in advance.

Reservations: 844-287-6695 (Xin gọi số này để lấy hẹn)

Ride Assist: Members should call this number when waiting for a pick up or when they have finished their appointment and are ready to be picked up for their return trip.

Ride Assist: 844-287-6696 (Call this number after you have seen the Doctor & ready to go home -- Xin gọi số này sau khi gặp bác sĩ để lấy xe đi về)

For Vietnamese Assistance

Phone: 281-507-3321


Transportation Benefits [ pdf ]

2. Hearing Aid Benefits

for Van Lang IPA eligible members: Classic, Select, Specialty

Covered up to $3,000 for hearing aids and supplies every year.

CALL 1-866-344-7756

Hearing Aids Benefits

Hearing Aids Benefits [ pdf ]

3. Dental services

To find a dentist, please click the following link:

4. Gym & Fitness Program Benefits

Participate in a Fitness Program / GYM: You Pay Nothing

To find a Silver Sneaker Location:

Silver Sneaker Brochure [ pdf ]

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